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Sir Peri-
Winkles's GIN

Authentic flavor for those who enjoy a real gin.

It's Here!

We are excited to announce Sherwood Park’s very own luxury vodka, baby-X-vodka, has arrived.

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New Pickup Location for Sanitizer
425 Sioux Road Sherwood Park Alberta!

Hand Sanitizer

Whether it’s a personal pocket sized bottle or a large quantity order for your business, we have what you need.

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Our Equipment.

Your one-stop-shop for brewing equipment.

Our Distillery.

All distillation options for your full-scale distillery.

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Hawke Prohibition feeds two vital needs in the world of Distribution:

Equipment Supply & Fine Spirit Export

600 Litre Completed Still Systems

At Hawke Prohibition, we aim to be:

Canada’s Source for Distillation Equipment, Distilleries, and Hobbyists alike.

About Hawke

If you are a distilling enthusiast, home brewer or even a full scale brewery looking for equipment, you’ve come to the right place. Hawke Prohibition is your one-stop shop solution, offering everything that you need for distillation and brewing in Canada. We supply the best boilers, reflux columns, copper flutes, condenser arms, fermenters, accessories — you name it.

In addition to all of our distilling equipment options, we facilitate brewers with the equipment for their breweries whether small or large.

We are the Canada distillery equipment provider that hundreds of thousands of customers have come to trust. Our product catalog consists of distillery equipment and home distillation apparatus made out of the best and sturdiest materials. From copper sectional flutes and whiskey helmets to stainless steel dual purpose reflux towers, you will find everything that satisfies the passionate moonshiner, distiller and brewer in you. Look through our top of the line products and order your distillation and brewery equipment with peace of mind.